Kodak Black’s Lawyer Claims Rapper Did Not Possess Cocaine During Arrest


After Kodak Black’s recent arrest for cocaine possession, his attorney, Bradford Cohen, has spoken out, asserting that the drugs allegedly found on the rapper were actually a different substance. According to Cohen, the “rock” discovered by the arresting officer is likely to be a Percocet rather than cocaine.

Key Takeaway

Kodak Black’s attorney disputes the allegations of cocaine possession, stating that the substance in question is likely a prescription pain medication. The rapper’s legal team is focused on addressing his dependency on opioids and pursuing a comprehensive treatment program.

Challenging the Allegations

Kodak Black was taken into custody in Florida after being found asleep in an SUV with white powder in his mouth and several rock-like objects nearby. Despite Kodak’s claim that the substance was Percocet, the arresting officer’s field test reportedly indicated the presence of cocaine. However, Cohen has emphasized that the test conducted at the scene is only a presumptive test for illegal substances and does not provide conclusive evidence.

Legal Ramifications

As a result of the arrest, Kodak Black faces charges of possession, tampering with evidence, and violating his probation, along with an additional traffic violation. Despite the legal challenges, Cohen has revealed that the rapper struggles with a dependency on prescription pain medication, including Percocet, and is actively pursuing a treatment program for his client.

Addressing the Dependency

Cohen has outlined a multi-phase treatment plan aimed at addressing Kodak’s dependency on opioids, emphasizing the need to tackle the root problem. The attorney has attributed the rapper’s struggles with substance abuse to his experiences behind bars, alleging that Kodak Black was subjected to severe mistreatment by prison guards, which led to his reliance on opioids.