Tupac Shakur’s Alleged Killer Pleads Not Guilty To Murder Charge


In a long-awaited courtroom appearance, Duane “Keefe D” Davis, the man accused of murdering iconic rapper Tupac Shakur over 25 years ago, pleaded not guilty to his charges. Despite two previous delays, Keefe D finally had his day in court.

Key Takeaway

Keefe D, the alleged killer of Tupac Shakur, has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. The delay in the arraignment process, caused by the absence of his lawyer, further extended the wait for justice. The case, reopened following Keefe D’s arrest, hinges on his alleged involvement in Tupac’s murder.

Delayed Arraignments

After two previous delays, Keefe D stood before the judge in a Clark County courtroom in Las Vegas. The 60-year-old suspect, handcuffed and accompanied by a public defender, firmly maintained his innocence as he entered his plea.

The first scheduled court appearance in early October was marred by the absence of Keefe D’s lawyer, causing a two-week delay in the arraignment process. The second hearing faced similar issues, resulting in further postponement.

A Not Guilty Plea

Following the initial hearing’s rescheduling, Clark County District Attorney, Steve Wolfson, emphasized that Keefe D would plead not guilty to the charge of murder with the use of a deadly weapon. The defendant’s plea indicates his intent to contest the allegations against him in a court of law.

An Arrest That Led to Breakthrough

Keefe D’s arrest in late September marked a pivotal moment in the reopening of Tupac’s murder case. The arrest garnered attention as body-cam footage caught the suspect’s apparently calm demeanor as he was placed in the back of a police car.

Keefe D had previously granted interviews where he claimed involvement in Tupac’s killing. His statements served as crucial evidence that helped investigators make progress in cracking the unsolved case that had remained dormant for nearly three decades.