Prosecutors Oppose Bail For Alleged Tupac Murderer Keefe D, Citing Danger


The state of Nevada is opposing Duane “Keefe D” Davis’ request for release on bail before his trial, citing concerns over public safety. Keefe D, the alleged killer of Tupac Shakur, is facing strong opposition from prosecutors who argue that he poses a significant risk if released from custody.

Key Takeaway

The state of Nevada is vehemently opposing the release of Duane “Keefe D” Davis, the alleged killer of Tupac Shakur, citing significant concerns over public safety and the potential danger posed by his release.

Keefe D’s Request

Keefe D’s legal team recently petitioned for his release on his own recognizance or at a bail not exceeding $100k. The trial is scheduled to commence in June, and his lawyers sought his pre-trial release. However, the state of Nevada is vehemently opposing this request, stating that Keefe D’s release would pose a danger to the community.

Prosecutors’ Concerns

According to newly obtained documents, prosecutors have raised several alarming points to support their opposition. They highlighted Keefe D’s past affiliation as a high-ranking member of the South Side Compton Crips and his multiple confessions regarding the involvement in Tupac’s murder over the years. Additionally, prosecutors have alleged that Keefe D made credible threats to witnesses while in custody, further underscoring the potential risk associated with his release.

Moreover, the state has emphasized that there is substantial evidence, including Keefe D’s own statements, linking him to the orchestration of Tupac’s murder in 1996. Despite Keefe D attempting to distance himself from his previous statements, prosecutors are steadfast in their stance against his release.

Legal Proceedings

Keefe D recently pleaded not guilty to the murder charge he is facing, following a previous court appearance where his attorney was reportedly absent. The state is urging the court to keep Keefe D behind bars until the commencement of his trial, asserting that the reasons for doing so are abundantly clear.