New Revelations: Mopreme Shakur Says Diddy Contacted Him To Deny Tupac Murder Involvement


In a surprising turn of events, Mopreme Shakur, brother of the late Tupac Shakur, has come forward with new information regarding the murder of the iconic rapper. Mopreme reveals that music mogul Diddy personally reached out to him to deny any involvement in the tragic incident. Despite ongoing speculation and rumors perpetuated by figures like 50 Cent, Mopreme is still seeking an official verdict.

Key Takeaway

Mopreme Shakur reveals that Diddy personally called him to deny any involvement in Tupac’s murder. This unexpected interaction sheds new light on the ongoing speculation surrounding the case and highlights the complexities surrounding the search for the truth behind Tupac’s tragic demise.

The Phone Call That Sheds Light on Diddy’s Involvement

During an interview on “Art of Dialogue,” the same platform where Tupac murder suspect Keefe D incriminated himself, Mopreme shared his recollection of the phone call from Diddy. At the time of the call, Mopreme and Diddy had not yet met, but Diddy was well aware of Mopreme’s identity and wanted to address the situation “man-to-man,” assuring Mopreme that he had no part in Tupac’s murder.

The phone call from Diddy took place “sometime in the 2000s,” which aligns with a 2008 Los Angeles Times article written by Chuck Philips that implicated Diddy in Tupac’s murder. However, it’s important to note that the story was later retracted by the Times after the FBI reports it relied on were found to be falsified.

The Search for Answers Continues

Mopreme acknowledges that finding the truth behind Tupac’s death has been a challenging task, and Diddy’s phone call adds another layer to the already complex narrative. While Keefe has previously claimed that Diddy was pulling the strings behind the scenes, it remains unclear what he will state in court if he eventually stands trial for Tupac’s murder.

The Unfazed 50 Cent

Meanwhile, 50 Cent seems unfazed by the ongoing debate surrounding Diddy’s involvement. Through posts on social media and during his live performances, the rapper has been riling up fans with jabs and insinuations, seemingly unconcerned with the veracity of Diddy’s alleged connection to the crime.