Tupac’s Brother Seeks Justice As Keefe D’s Arrest Reopens Wounds Of Murder


Tupac Shakur’s brother, Mopreme Shakur, expressed relief at the recent arrest of Duane Keith “Keefe D” Davis in connection with the rapper’s murder. However, Mopreme believes that this arrest is just the beginning and that there is still much more to uncover in order to achieve justice for Tupac.

Key Takeaway

Tupac Shakur’s brother, Mopreme, welcomes the arrest of Keefe D in connection with the rapper’s murder but emphasizes the need for further investigation and potential accomplice arrests. The motive behind the killing remains a primary concern for the family, and they stress the significance of obtaining real justice for Tupac.

An Ongoing Investigation

While Mopreme acknowledges that it is a positive step forward to see someone being held accountable for Tupac’s murder, he emphasizes the need for further arrests, including potential accomplices. He hopes that more information will be revealed about the motive behind the infamous 1996 killing.

The Motive: Revenge

According to the authorities, the motive for Tupac’s murder was revenge. It stemmed from an incident where Tupac and his team allegedly assaulted Keefe D’s nephew after a Mike Tyson fight. Mopreme seeks clarity and a deeper understanding of the circumstances that led to his brother’s tragic death.

The Challenges Faced by Law Enforcement

Mopreme reveals that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVPD) only recently reached out to Tupac’s family about the murder investigation. However, the detective who initially contacted them has since retired, which has presented challenges in advancing the case.

A Surprise Arrest

The arrest of Keefe D came as a surprise to the Shakur family. Mopreme admits that law enforcement did not give them any indication that a breakthrough was imminent. Nonetheless, he considers this development to be significant, especially considering his recent doubts about the police investigation.

The Impact of Tupac’s Life and Death

Tupac’s sister, Sekyiwa “Set” Shakur, also shared her thoughts on the matter. She believes that Keefe D’s arrest marks a pivotal moment and emphasizes the importance of recognizing the gravity of Tupac’s passing. Set seeks justice on all fronts and hopes that this case will not go unsolved or unrecognized.