Tupac Shakur’s Former Outlawz Rapper Napoleon Speaks Out On Keefe D’s Prison Sentence


According to Outlawz rapper Napoleon, Tupac Shakur’s former artist, Duane Keith “Keefe D” Davis is serving time in prison for his involvement in Tupac’s murder due to his penchant for revealing details about the case. In an interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Napoleon expressed his lack of sympathy for Keefe D’s situation.

Key Takeaway

Outlawz rapper Napoleon believes that if Tupac had survived, he would not want Keefe D, who openly boasted about his involvement in Tupac’s murder, to be imprisoned. This aligns with Suge Knight’s refusal to implicate Keefe D and his denial of Orlando Anderson as the shooter. Tupac’s own father has advanced a conspiracy theory, claiming government involvement in his son’s murder.

Clout-Chasing and Regrettable Bragging

Napoleon admitted that he never bothered to watch any of Keefe D’s interviews in their entirety. However, he believes that Keefe D’s obsession with seeking attention and validation led him to openly boast about his role in the car that was involved in Tupac’s murder.

At 60 years old, Keefe D’s participation in online feuds and reiterating events connected to Tupac’s untimely death, which occurred nearly three decades ago, strikes Napoleon as a misguided and pitiable endeavor.

Tupac’s Hypothetical Wishes

Contrary to popular belief, Napoleon asserts that if Tupac had survived the shooting, he would not wish for Keefe D to languish in prison. This sentiment aligns with the perspective of Suge Knight, who was driving the vehicle when both he and Tupac were shot.

Speaking from prison, Suge Knight recently reiterated his refusal to implicate Keefe D in any way. Additionally, Knight rejected the notion that Keefe D’s relative, the late Orlando Anderson, was responsible for pulling the trigger. Anderson, who was Keefe D’s nephew, passed away in a separate shooting incident in 1998. At present, Suge Knight and Keefe D are the only remaining individuals among the original six connected to the 1996 shooting.

A Dash of Conspiracy Theory

Adding further complexity to the narrative, Tupac’s own father has discredited the idea that Orlando Anderson was the shooter and has instead floated a conspiracy theory, suggesting government involvement in his son’s murder. According to Tupac’s father, Keefe D is merely a pawn in a much larger scheme.