Russell Simmons Addresses 2017 Rape Allegations, Maintains Innocence


Renowned music mogul Russell Simmons has broken his silence regarding the multiple rape allegations made against him in 2017. In an interview on “In Depth with Graham Bensinger,” Simmons firmly denies any sexual assault, asserting that all his relationships have been consensual and that he has never displayed violence towards anyone.

Key Takeaway

Russell Simmons continues to deny the rape allegations made against him in 2017, emphasizing that all of his relationships have been consensual. He recognizes his past insensitivity but rejects the idea of forceful behavior towards his partners. While acknowledging the personal and professional consequences, Simmons expresses appreciation for the #MeToo movement’s positive impact on society.

The Power of Consensual Relationships

Simmons acknowledges that he has been insensitive and has used “crude” language during sexual encounters in the past. However, he firmly denies ever being “forceful” with any of his partners. While admitting his past missteps, he suggests that these accusations are more a reflection of changing times and modern attitudes toward sex.

Personal and Professional Consequences

The accusations against Simmons have had a significant impact on his personal and professional life. He claims that the allegations caused considerable damage to his philanthropic endeavors, with all five of his charities suffering as a result. Despite these repercussions, Simmons expresses gratitude towards the #MeToo movement for raising awareness about important issues concerning women’s rights.

A New Perspective on Sexuality

Simmons does not accuse his accusers of lying, but rather highlights the changing climate and evolving attitudes toward sex. He divulges that he has had thousands of sexual partners throughout his life but believes it is unfair to judge today’s standards against those of forty years ago.

Suit Dismissed, Challenged Location Misconceptions

In 2018, Simmons was sued by Jennifer Jarosik over similar allegations, but the case was dismissed months later. Simmons maintains that her allegations were “absolutely untrue.” Addressing the notion that he fled the country, Simmons clarifies that he has been living in Bali since 2017 but frequently travels back to the United States, illustrating that assumptions regarding his whereabouts are inaccurate.