Rapper KXNG Crooked Calls For Industry Changes To Improve Rap Music


KXNG Crooked, the renowned rapper, agrees with Wallo’s recent assessment of the state of hip hop but believes that a significant transformation in the industry’s personnel is necessary to truly make a difference. In a viral PSA, Wallo passionately criticized the current state of hip hop, urging artists and their teams to go beyond the bare minimum.

Key Takeaway

KXNG Crooked emphasizes the need for an industry-wide change in personnel to enhance the quality of rap music. He believes that removing the wrong label executives is crucial for the improvement of the genre.

Recognizing the Need for Change

Crooked not only supports Wallo’s perspective but also expressed his own frustrations and proposed solutions to address the ongoing quality drought in rap music. He references a quote from former White House honoree Felecia Hatcher, emphasizing the importance of holding artists accountable for their work.

Having experienced both independent and major label signings throughout his career, including his time with Eminem’s Shady Records alongside Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz, Crooked believes that underground artists often exhibit more passion in their music compared to their mainstream counterparts.

A Continuous Discussion

The issue of subpar rap music is not a new one, as various artists, such as Ice-T, KRS-One, Bow Wow, and Bobby Shmurda, have expressed their negative opinions on the topic this year. Crooked’s assessment is clear and straightforward—the wrong label executives are approving album rollouts and allocating multimillion-dollar budgets, hindering the industry’s overall quality.

Calling for a Revolution

Crooked’s solution to the problem at hand is a revolutionary one. He firmly believes that a significant improvement in rap music will only be achieved by removing these “bad actors” from their positions of power within the industry.