Layzie Bone And Xzibit Criticize Today’s Hip Hop: Calling For Change


Hip hop icons Layzie Bone and Xzibit are voicing their strong opinions about the current state of hip hop, expressing their dissatisfaction and calling it a “mockery” of the genre. In a recent panel discussion organized by Layzie’s manager Steve Lobel, the legendary rappers shared their concerns and proposed solutions for revitalizing the culture.

Key Takeaway

Layzie Bone and Xzibit are leading voices in the hip hop community, expressing their concerns about the state of the genre. They believe that issues such as inauthenticity, social media influence, and lack of unity among artists are contributing to the downfall of hip hop. Their criticisms serve as a call to action for the industry to rethink its direction and work towards revitalizing the culture.

A Conversation for Change

The panel discussion, moderated by Justin Hunte, intended to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip hop. However, it quickly took a different direction, focusing on the need to save the essence of the music. Layzie Bone emphasized the importance of authenticity, urging aspiring female rappers to stay true to themselves. However, he didn’t shy away from discrediting the content that some female rappers use to gain prominence in the current era. Layzie Bone pointed out social media as a significant contributing factor to this issue and even went as far as flipping off Instagram during the discussion.

Xzibit, known for his no-nonsense attitude, expressed his discontent with the current rap scene, labeling it as a mockery. He pinpointed various issues that he believes are negatively impacting hip hop as a whole. One of his concerns is the accessibility of the internet, allowing individuals to pose as rappers without putting in the necessary effort to master the craft.

Calls for Unity and Action

Reflecting on the past, Xzibit asserted that previous generations of hip hop artists should have united to protect their rights and intellectual property. He revealed that he is currently involved in legal action against Sony/Columbia Records, seeking justice with Steve’s support.

Despite the recent success of artists like Doja Cat, who ended the drought of rap hits after more than a year, Layzie Bone and Xzibit argue that there is still much work to be done. They believe that significant changes are required to restore hip hop to its former glory.