Juicy J And Wallo267 Advocate For Change In Hip Hop Landscape Post Drake Album Release With Plummeting Rap Sales


Drake’s new album is making waves in the music industry, projected to reach Gold status in just a week. However, there are voices within the industry that believe his sound is not the right direction for the genre. In the wake of the album’s success, both Juicy J and Wallo have criticized the current state of rap and called for change.

Key Takeaway

Juicy J and Wallo267 have raised concerns about the current state of rap music in the wake of Drake’s album release. They advocate for a change in the direction of the genre, emphasizing the need for originality, authenticity, and talent. Industry power players must take responsibility and work together to reroute the course of rap, ensuring its continued success.

Juicy J: Rerouting the Course of Rap

Juicy J, the renowned rapper from Three 6 Mafia, recently expressed concern over the plummeting statistics of hip hop. According to the latest reports he’s seen, rap music sales have declined by 40%. He believes that it’s the responsibility of rappers, producers, composers, and engineers to step up their game and reroute the course.

For Juicy J, industry power players need to have a serious conversation about the future of rap. Financial interests are at stake, especially considering that the genre went an entire year without a #1 Billboard hit. The industry needs to adapt and bring fresh ideas to the table to revive the popularity of rap.

Wallo267: Calling for Authenticity and Skill

Wallo267, the cohost of Million Dollarz Game, shares a similar sentiment regarding the state of hip hop. He believes that fans have grown weary of the same themes of murder, jewelry, and money being constantly reiterated in rap lyrics. There is a need for authenticity and originality in the genre.

Furthermore, Wallo267 emphasizes the importance of talent in rap. He argues that simply recruiting a superstar for a featured verse is no longer enough to guarantee success. Rappers need to be skilled at their craft and deliver quality music that resonates with listeners. It’s not just about the image, but the actual talent as well.

The Popular Narrative: Rap’s Sinking Ship

Juicy J and Wallo267 are not the only ones voicing these concerns. Other prominent figures in the industry like Xzibit and Layzie Bone have also expressed similar sentiments. The narrative of rap’s decline has become increasingly prevalent.

However, amidst all the talk, action is needed. It is crucial for the industry to move beyond mere criticism and actively work towards bringing about change. Collaboration, innovation, and a focus on quality music should be the driving forces behind the revitalization of rap.