J. Cole Reveals Why A Collaboration Album With Kendrick Lamar Never Happened


In a recent podcast with Lil Yachty, J. Cole opened up about the highly anticipated collaboration album that never materialized between him and Kendrick Lamar. The two rap superstars had the potential to create a groundbreaking project, similar to the successful collaborations of Drake and Future, or Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Key Takeaway

J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated collaboration album never happened due to time constraints and their respective growing careers. Although the project has been put on hold indefinitely, there is still a possibility that they might revisit the idea in the future.

The Early Connection

Cole shared that he and Kendrick formed a friendship back in 2010, just as their careers as hip hop legends were beginning to take off. From the start, they had chemistry in terms of their style and musical taste. At that time, neither artist had released an album, and Cole even supplied Kendrick with some of his beats. One of these beats, called “HiiiPower,” ended up being featured on Kendrick’s 2011 album, “Section.80.”

The Teasers

In 2015, the anticipation for a collaboration album reached new heights when Cole and Kendrick freestyled on each other’s beats for Black Friday. However, the excitement quickly faded as there was no further development on the project.

The Roadblocks

Cole explained that creating a collaborative album of their dreams would require a full year of dedication from both artists, which was nearly impossible at the time. Their growing careers and personal lives left them with limited time to commit to such a massive project.

Possibility of the Future

While it seems that the idea of a full-length collaboration album has been put to rest, Cole didn’t completely dismiss the possibility. If the stars align and they find a convenient schedule that works for both of them, there might still be a chance for the project to resurface in the future. Cole expressed his openness to the idea of collaborating with Kendrick.

While fans continue to hold out hope for a joint album, they can still enjoy the individual music that J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are releasing. Even though the project didn’t come to fruition, the friendship and artistic connection between these two rap icons remain strong. Only time will tell if they will eventually give the world the collaboration they’ve been eagerly waiting for.