J. Cole Drops Controversial Will And Jada Line While Performing ‘No Role Modelz’


J. Cole, the acclaimed rapper known for his thought-provoking lyrics, has made a decision to exclude a line from his hit song “No Role Modelz” that references Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. This move comes in light of recent events surrounding the couple, and Cole’s desire to avoid any further controversy.

Key Takeaway

J. Cole has removed a controversial line from his song “No Role Modelz” that references Will and Jada Pinkett Smith during his live performances. This decision demonstrates Cole’s awareness of the changing circumstances and his dedication to creating music that resonates with his audience.

Cole’s Concert Revelation

During a recent performance of his renowned track “No Role Modelz” from his album “2014 Forest Hills Drive,” Cole made a significant change to the song. As he approached the section that originally mentioned “Will & Jada love,” the rapper opted to mute himself, leaving the crowd to fill in the blanks.

It was evident that Cole felt it was no longer appropriate to deliver the line with conviction, given the current circumstances surrounding the power couple. This decision demonstrates Cole’s sensitivity towards the impact of his lyrics and his respect for the individuals involved.

Backlash and Reflection

Throughout the past few days, fans have been teasing Cole about the dated lyrics, especially since Jada Pinkett Smith recently revealed that she and Will Smith had separated seven years ago. The timing of this revelation understandably affected the perception of the song and its relevance.

Although this change may disappoint some fans who have grown fond of the original version of “No Role Modelz,” it showcases Cole’s willingness to reflect on his art and adjust it to align with the current social climate.

Achievements Amidst Controversy

Despite the controversy surrounding his lyrics, J. Cole achieved a significant milestone in his career. On Monday, he earned his first-ever number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with his collaboration with Drake on the track “First-Person Shooter,” part of their duet album “For All the Dogs.”

This achievement highlights Cole’s talent and dedication to his craft, solidifying his status as one of the leading artists in the music industry today. As he reaches new heights in his career, let’s hope he can continue to create impactful music without the need for future amendments.