New Revelations From Jada Pinkett Smith About Her Relationship With Will Smith


Actress and author Jada Pinkett Smith has been making waves with her new memoir, opening up about her complicated relationship with husband Will Smith. In recent interviews, Jada has shared some shocking revelations that have taken the media by storm.

Key Takeaway

Jada Pinkett Smith’s new memoir is full of shocking revelations about her relationship with husband Will Smith. From living separate lives to unexpected labels and moments of healing, Jada’s candidness offers readers a unique insight into the complexities and challenges of their high-profile marriage.

Living Separate Lives Since 2016

In a surprising admission, Jada revealed that she and Will have been living separate lives since 2016. Despite maintaining the appearance of a committed couple for seven years, they have been secretly separated. This revelation has sparked speculation about the nature of their relationship and raised questions about their future.

A Shocking Label

During Will’s infamous Oscars rant, where he publicly criticized Jada, he referred to her as his “wife,” a term he had not used in years. Jada expressed her shock at this sudden acknowledgment and revealed that the incident was a turning point in their relationship. This revelation offers insight into the dynamics and complexities of their marriage.

A Surprising Apology

Jada also shed light on what transpired behind the scenes after the Oscars incident. She disclosed that Chris Rock, who was involved in the controversy, approached her during a commercial break and apologized for his joke that set off Will. This unexpected act of remorse adds a new twist to the narrative surrounding their public fallout.

Dark Times and Survival

Jada delved into her personal struggles, including her history of suicidal thoughts. She shared that these thoughts first emerged when she was 21 and navigating the challenges of her budding Hollywood career. Therapy and the support of her mother played crucial roles in helping her overcome these dark times. The actress also revealed her subsequent diagnosis of complex trauma with PTSD and dissociation, shedding light on her ongoing battles with mental health.

A Journey of Healing

Jada’s journey of healing took a surprising turn, as she revealed that she turned to ayahuasca, a psychedelic substance, for assistance. She highlighted how this unconventional approach, taken in the intimate setting of her living room alongside her son Jaden and his friends, played a significant role in her recovery. This revelation opens up a discussion about alternative therapies and their potential benefits.

Past Relationships and Turmoil

In her candid memoir, Jada recalled a tumultuous relationship from the past. She recounted an incident where her former partner, who ran in the same Hollywood circles, became aggressive and triggered her fear for her safety. Jada’s harrowing experience highlights the dark side of fame and the challenges faced by individuals in high-profile relationships.

A Moment of Conception

Jada shared a surprising detail about her son Jaden’s conception. According to her, they were on a vacation in Los Cabos in 1997 when Jaden was conceived. The intimate moment was accompanied by Jada’s realization of her pregnancy seconds afterward, which she shared with Will while they were still in bed together. This intimate revelation offers a glimpse into their personal lives and the profound connection they share.