Will Smith’s Reaction To Jada Pinkett Smith’s Revelations In New Book


Will Smith, renowned actor and husband of Jada Pinkett Smith, has finally broken his silence regarding Jada’s candid revelations in her new book. In an exclusive interview with The New York Times, Will shared his thoughts and emotions in response to the deeply personal content of Jada’s memoir.

Key Takeaway

Will Smith reveals that Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir has awakened him to the depth and complexity of their relationship, leading to a newfound appreciation for her qualities.

Awake and Enlightened

Touching upon the impact of Jada’s book, Will stated that it “kind of woke him up.” He acknowledged that being in a long-term relationship can sometimes lead to emotional blindness, causing one to overlook the hidden nuances and subtle beauties of their partner. However, through Jada’s memoir, Will realized that she possesses a resilience, cleverness, and compassion that he had not fully understood before.

Support Amid Controversy

The public has been buzzing about Jada’s recent revelations, with some interpreting them as a form of public emasculation of Will. However, Will’s response to The New York Times suggests that he is supportive of Jada’s decision to share their personal journey. Despite the controversies surrounding their relationship, Will does not seem to mind the exposure or the public perception.

Further Secrets Unveiled

Jada’s book promises to delve even deeper into their lives, going beyond the disclosure of their separation and decision to live separate lives without getting a divorce. These revelations have sparked curiosity among readers, eagerly awaiting the release of the memoir to uncover more closely guarded secrets.

Hurt by Chris Rock and Ayahuasca Journey

In addition to discussing her relationship with Will, Jada also opened up about her feelings regarding comedian Chris Rock’s Netflix special, where he made jokes about their relationship. Furthermore, Jada revealed that she regularly undergoes ayahuasca trips, even having one with Will after they attended the Oscars.

With the book set to be released on Tuesday, readers are left wondering about the other untold stories and profound moments that lie within the pages of Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir.