Fat Joe Supports Jay-Z’s Casino And Believes Jada Pinkett’s Tupac Shakur Stories


Fat Joe, the renowned rapper, is showing great enthusiasm and positivity regarding Jay-Z’s latest venture – a new casino that is set to boost New York City’s economy. Fat Joe firmly supports the construction of Jay-Z’s casino and is confident that it will not only bring economic benefits but also create numerous job opportunities for the residents of NYC. In a conversation held in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, not far from the casino’s proposed location, Fat Joe and Angela Rye expressed their excitement and support for Roc Nation and Caesars Palace’s joint bid to build the gaming palace in Times Square.

Key Takeaway

Fat Joe expresses his optimism about Jay-Z’s casino venture, believing it will have a positive impact on NYC’s economy and create job opportunities for residents. He also supports Jada Pinkett Smith’s book and emphasizes the importance of not dismissing her stories.

Jay-Z, who is deeply committed to the casino project, even penned an open letter to the city, outlining the reasons why he should be entrusted with overseeing its development. While some critics argue that the casino will lead to increased crime and congestion, Fat Joe believes that true liberation can only be achieved through ownership.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Worthy” Book

Shifting gears, Fat Joe also voiced his full support for Jada Pinkett Smith’s book, titled “Worthy.” Despite the controversy surrounding her personal life, specifically her marriage to Will Smith and her revelations about her relationship with Tupac Shakur, Fat Joe stands by Jada Pinkett Smith and dismisses any notions that she is seeking attention or fabricating stories.

According to Fat Joe, being well-traveled often leads to a life that may seem like a fairytale to others. He emphasizes that Jada Pinkett Smith’s experiences and stories should be taken seriously and not dismissed as mere fabrication.