Jada Pinkett Smith Firmly Denies Rumors Of Will Smith’s Involvement With Men


Jada Pinkett Smith is standing her ground and vehemently denying the rumors surrounding her husband, Will Smith, and any alleged involvement with men. Addressing the gossip once again during an encounter in New York City, Jada made it abundantly clear that there is no truth to the speculation.

Key Takeaway

Jada Pinkett Smith firmly denies the rumors about her husband’s alleged involvement with other men and reiterates that she has never witnessed any such behavior personally.

When asked about the alleged affair between Will and Duane Martin, Jada firmly replied, “Absolutely not,” further emphasizing her initial denial. However, the conversation took a more pointed turn when the photographer followed up, inquiring if she had ever witnessed Will being intimate with another man. Jada emphatically dismissed this notion as well.

Listening to Jada’s response, it becomes evident that she speaks from personal experience, stating unequivocally that she has never witnessed anything of the sort with her own eyes. Her unwavering stance mirrors what she had previously shared earlier in the week, as she expressed intentions to take legal action against Brother Bilaal and possibly others involved in perpetuating the baseless story.

During an appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” Jada further detailed her family’s response to the rumors, hinting that litigation could be the next step. The controversy originated when Brother Bilaal, someone claiming to be a former assistant and friend of Will, alleged that he once caught Will and Duane engaged in anal sex in a dressing room.

In response to the claims, a representative for Will unequivocally dismissed the story as entirely fabricated. Additionally, sources close to Duane Martin revealed that he had no plans to address these outrageous accusations publicly, believing them to be so absurd that acknowledgment would only legitimize the falsehoods.