Eazy-E’s Former Associate Alonzo Williams Disapproves Of Today’s Violent Hip Hop


Alonzo Williams Criticizes the Current State of Hip Hop and its Promotion of Violence

Key Takeaway

Alonzo Williams, a key figure in the rise of N.W.A, criticizes the current state of hip hop, citing its promotion of violence in today’s popular rap music. He believes that Eazy-E, if alive today, would have been disappointed with the direction the genre has taken and likely transitioned into acting and film production.

Alonzo Williams’ Take on Today’s Hip Hop Scene

Alonzo Williams, a witness to the rise of N.W.A and one of its key members, Eazy-E, believes that the current state of hip hop has deviated from its original form. In an interview, Williams expressed his concern about the prevalent promotion of violence in modern rap music, which he refers to as “Murder Music.”

Williams’s Observations

During Eazy-E’s recent street sign unveiling in Compton, Williams shared his pride in Eazy’s accomplishments but also expressed his belief that Eazy would have been disappointed with the direction hip hop has taken. Williams theorizes that Eazy-E, much like his former bandmate Ice Cube, would have transitioned into acting and film production due to the excessively explicit and violent nature of today’s popular rap lyrics. Williams suggests that cancel culture would have eventually caught up with Eazy-E, labeling him as the “Godfather of Gangsta Rap.”

Williams’s Background

Contrary to his portrayal in the 2015 film “Straight Outta Compton,” Williams clarifies that he was not a rap-hating promoter who failed to see the bigger picture. Having started his career as a DJ in the post-disco, electro-funk era, Williams explains that the essence of the culture was originally centered around making people dance. However, when rap artists started engaging in lyrical warfare, Williams distanced himself from the genre but still holds N.W.A in high regard, acknowledging their significant impact on hip hop.

Special Ed’s Similar Perspective

Special Ed, a respected figure in the rap industry, also echoes Williams’ sentiments about the current state of hip hop. In a recent discussion with VladTV, Special Ed criticized the drill music genre, blaming the pioneers of West Coast rap, including N.W.A, for glamourizing a lifestyle that promotes violence. This, in turn, elicited heated responses from Ice Cube and KXNG Crooked.

Hip Hop’s Consensus on Drill Music

While there may be differing opinions within rap’s younger generation, many artists across the board seem to agree that drill music lacks redeeming qualities. Its explicit nature and focus on violence have raised concerns among industry veterans like Alonzo Williams and Special Ed.