John Salley Comes To Ja Morant’s Defense Over Gun Celebration


Former NBA star John Salley has come to the defense of Ja Morant, insisting that critics should ease up on the Memphis Grizzlies’ player. Salley expressed his belief that Morant’s actions were not intended to cause harm, following an apparent gun celebration during a recent game.

Key Takeaway

John Salley defends Ja Morant’s gun celebration, attributing it to hip hop culture and dismissing any ill intentions behind the actions.

Salley’s Perspective

Salley emphasized that the gestures made by Morant, which seemed to mimic a firearm after a powerful alley-oop dunk, were simply a reflection of hip hop culture. He suggested that there was no malicious intent behind the actions and that Morant may not have even been aware of the potential implications.

“He’s not saying, ‘Forget ya’ll — I got my gun!'” Salley remarked, defending Morant’s actions as being devoid of any deeper meaning.

Public Reaction

Despite Salley’s perspective, the incident has sparked debate among basketball enthusiasts, with many expressing disapproval and labeling it as “tone-deaf.” This comes in the wake of Morant’s recent 25-game suspension due to a series of gun-related social media videos.

Salley’s Call

Salley stood firm in his support for Morant, asserting that the player did not intend to offend or provoke with his post-dunk celebration. He urged critics to refrain from harsh judgment, stating, “Leave Ja Morant alone … Leave him alone.”