Boosie Badazz Pays Tribute To Deion Sanders, His Shades, And Ja Morant


Boosie Badazz, the Louisiana rapper, is showing his admiration for two sports legends – Deion Sanders and Ja Morant. In his new video, “Deion Shades,” Boosie references the iconic sunglasses of Deion Sanders, while also showcasing his signed #12 jersey from Ja Morant.

Key Takeaway

Boosie Badazz pays tribute to sports legends Deion Sanders and Ja Morant in his new music video “Deion Shades”. Through lyrics and visual displays, he showcases his admiration for Deion’s sunglasses and Ja Morant’s jersey. This artistic tribute signifies Boosie’s desire for growth and maturity in his music.

Paying Homage to Deion Sanders

Boosie Badazz is no stranger to controversy, but this time, he’s choosing to focus on his admiration for Deion Sanders, the legendary athlete. In the track “Deion Shades,” taken from his latest album “Goin’ Thru Some Things,” Boosie expresses his desire for a pair of Deion’s famous sunglasses. He cleverly mentions how he wants his mind to be as protected as Deion’s shades, shielding him from the negativity and criticism that often surround him.

Deion Sanders himself recently made headlines when he gifted sunglasses to his Colorado players. The gesture symbolized his support and confidence in them, and Boosie recognizes the significance of these shades as a hot commodity.

A Tribute to Ja Morant

Alongside his homage to Deion Sanders, Boosie Badazz also pays tribute to Ja Morant, an emerging star in the NBA. Boosie proudly displays the signed #12 jersey that Morant sent him a couple of months ago, signifying their mutual respect and appreciation. As Boosie prepares for his own comeback in the music industry, he finds inspiration in Ja Morant’s rise to stardom.

A Maturing Artistic Direction

Boosie Badazz has previously been known for his controversial lyrics and bold persona. However, in recent months, he has expressed a desire to explore more mature subject matter in his music, reflecting his personal growth and evolution. By referencing iconic figures like Deion Sanders and Ja Morant, Boosie illustrates his own journey towards a more elevated and nuanced artistic direction.