Boosie Badazz Urges His Son To Avoid Wearing ‘Pooh Shiesty Mask’ For Safety Reasons


Boosie Badazz is expressing concern for his oldest child’s safety after noticing him wearing a ski mask, also known as a “Pooh Shiesty” in street culture. The Louisiana rapper, during an Instagram live session, addressed his son Tootie Raw‘s consistent use of the mask, stating that he had worn it for “two days straight.”

Key Takeaway

Boosie Badazz is actively guiding his son away from potentially risky behaviors and associations, with the aim of steering the youth in a positive direction.

Old School Wisdom

Boosie, drawing from his experiences, emphasized that in the past, individuals wearing such masks were often associated with illicit activities. He expressed his apprehension, rooted in the belief that the mask could give off the wrong impression and potentially lead to dangerous situations.

Impact of Pooh Shiesty

Concern for Misinterpretation

Boosie cautioned his son about the potential misinterpretations that could arise, emphasizing that individuals may perceive them and their friends in a negative light, possibly leading to unwarranted altercations. He stressed the importance of considering the potential consequences of such attire.

Boosie’s stance on this matter aligns with his efforts to deter young individuals from engaging in activities that could lead to negative outcomes, as he continues to advocate for responsible decision-making, especially among the youth.