New Update: NLE Choppa’s Mom Expresses Concern For His Safety, Urges Fans To Get In Touch


NLE Choppa’s mom, Angela Potts, is anxiously seeking help from the public as she hasn’t been able to contact her son for several hours. In a heartfelt plea on social media, Potts asks anyone who may have information about his whereabouts to immediately reach out to her.

Key Takeaway

NLE Choppa’s mom, Angela Potts, appeals to the public for assistance in locating her son. Worried about his sudden disappearance, Potts asks anyone with information to contact her urgently. The reasons behind NLE Choppa’s absence remain uncertain, leaving fans and followers concerned about his safety.

Potts expressed her worry and frustration, stating, “Y’all help me pray over my child. He plans on moving back to Cottonwood, a place we worked hard to escape, just for a mixtape. I haven’t spoken to him in hours, which is highly unusual. I know my son, and disappearing like this is out of character for him.”

Addressing her son directly, Potts added, “I pray that God is guiding you in whatever you are working on. If anyone hears from him, PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP! To his fans, I thank you for your continued support.”

It remains unclear whether NLE Choppa, whose mother is also his manager, has provided any specific reason for his mother’s concern or if the pressures of his burgeoning career have taken a toll on him.

Interestingly, NLE Choppa’s management team posted a message on his Instagram story, urging fans to reach out to Angela if they happen to come across the rapper.

The situation is still unfolding, and we are closely monitoring any updates regarding this matter.