LSU Coach Kim Mulkey Addresses Angel Reese’s Absence


LSU women’s basketball coach, Kim Mulkey, recently faced a barrage of questions regarding the absence of star player Angel Reese. During a postgame media session, Mulkey remained tight-lipped and chose not to divulge any details about Reese’s current situation.

Key Takeaway

LSU women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey remains tight-lipped about the absence of star player Angel Reese, opting to protect the player and her privacy. Fans and media are left speculating as Reese’s status remains undisclosed.

Reese was notably missing from the court during the Tigers’ recent dominant win against Texas Southern. When asked about Reese’s absence, Mulkey simply stated, “Angel was not in uniform tonight. Angel is a part of this basketball team, and Angel will be back sooner than later. I’m not going to answer any more than that.”

Speculation has been rampant, with fans noticing Reese’s visible distress during the team’s season-opening loss to Colorado. The drama continued when Reese was sidelined for the second half of LSU’s win over Kent State due to a “coach’s decision,” and she has not played since then.

Some have suggested that Reese’s absence may be related to academic concerns, following claims made by Flau’jae Johnson’s mom, Kia Brooks, on social media about Reese’s GPA. However, Mulkey made it clear that she would not be addressing any “locker room issues” or divulging more than necessary.

When pressed for answers, Mulkey emphasized her unwavering commitment to protecting her players, likening them to family members. “Sometimes you want to know more than you’re entitled to know. I’m going to protect my players. Always,” she firmly stated.

Throughout this period, Reese herself has chosen to remain silent, refusing to speak to reporters about her status. However, she recently broke her silence on social media, urging people to not believe everything they read.