LSU Women’s Basketball Coach Kim Mulkey Recovers From Successful Heart Surgery


LSU women’s basketball head coach Kim Mulkey recently underwent heart surgery to address a serious artery blockage. The procedure took place in June, after doctors discovered that one of her arteries was almost completely blocked, posing a significant health risk.

Key Takeaway

LSU women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey underwent heart surgery after the discovery of a severely blocked artery. Despite experiencing no symptoms, she was found to be at risk of a potential heart attack. Mulkey’s successful surgery highlights the significance of proactive heart health screenings and serves as a reminder that individuals may be at risk even in the absence of symptoms.

Unexpected Discovery

The health issue came to light when Mulkey experienced tingling in one of her fingers in May. Concerned, she sought medical attention, leading to a series of tests that revealed the presence of plaque on her carotid arteries. Further examination showed that she also had a blockage in her heart, necessitating the need for two stents to correct the problem.

A Surprising Revelation

Mulkey expressed surprise that she hadn’t experienced any noticeable symptoms despite the severe blockage in her artery. During the procedure, the doctors informed her that she had been 95-99% blocked, emphasizing that she was an “asymptomatic patient.” They explained that individuals like Mulkey, who display no symptoms, can be at risk of sudden cardiac events that pose challenges for cardiologists. When asked if she might have suffered a heart attack without the surgery, the doctors affirmed that it was a real possibility.

Recovery and Advocacy

Fortunately, Mulkey’s surgery was successful, and she is now in good health. She is currently taking medication to prevent the reoccurrence of the blockage. In light of her experience, Mulkey is using her platform to encourage others to prioritize their heart health. She emphasizes the importance of getting regular check-ups, even for those who believe they are in good health, as early detection can be lifesaving.

Mulkey, who recently became the highest-paid women’s college basketball coach with a new $32 million contract, is known for her achievements on the court. She led LSU to their first NCAA title in April. However, her recent health scare serves as a reminder that personal well-being should always remain a top priority, regardless of professional success.