Ja Morant Expresses Frustration Over Season-Ending Shoulder Injury


NBA star Ja Morant took to social media to express his frustration after learning that his 2023-24 season has come to an abrupt end due to a shoulder injury. Morant’s reaction was brief but poignant, simply stating, “Damn dawg.”

Key Takeaway

Ja Morant’s 2023-24 NBA season has been cut short due to a shoulder injury, prompting an emotional response from the young star and garnering support from the basketball community.

Details of the Injury

The Memphis Grizzlies announced on Monday that Morant had suffered a partial dislocation of his right shoulder during a training session on Saturday. Despite initial hopes that the injury was not severe, subsequent medical tests revealed an underlying labral tear, leading to the decision to end Morant’s season prematurely.

Impact on Morant’s Season

This injury comes as a significant setback for Morant, who was looking to make up for lost time after serving a suspension earlier in the season. The 24-year-old guard had been playing exceptionally well, averaging 25 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 8 assists in the 9 games he appeared in.

Emotional Response and Support

Understandably, Morant was visibly disappointed by the turn of events, as evidenced by his social media posts expressing his emotions and longing for better days ahead. Fans and teammates alike have rallied behind Morant, offering their support and encouragement during this challenging time.