Ice Cube Challenges Special Ed’s Claim About N.W.A And The Crack Epidemic


Rap legend Ice Cube is speaking out against the idea that his group N.W.A was responsible for creating destructive conditions in Black neighborhoods, particularly the crack epidemic. In response to rapper Special Ed’s recent comments on “Drink Champs,” Cube has labeled the claim as “bullshit” and has provided historical context to debunk the narrative.

Key Takeaway

Ice Cube strongly rejects the idea that N.W.A was solely responsible for the crack epidemic and the negative conditions in Black neighborhoods. He argues that these problems existed long before the group’s emergence, providing historical context and debunking the narrative that their music was the primary catalyst.

Setting the Record Straight

Ice Cube, reflecting on his own experiences growing up in South Central, Los Angeles, emphasized that the conditions attributed to N.W.A’s influence were prevalent long before the group emerged on the rap scene in the late ’80s. He described a neighborhood already plagued by pimps, playas, prostitutes, and teenage pregnancies.

Cube also pointed out that the popularization of crack cocaine, which Special Ed suggested was solely the result of N.W.A’s actions, was already an issue known as freebasing in the 1970s, long before it reached the level of a national crisis. By doing so, he challenges the notion that N.W.A’s lyrics and music were the primary drivers of the crack epidemic.

Street Knowledge and Authenticity

Ice Cube’s credibility in discussing this topic stems from his upbringing and experiences in South Central. Born and raised in the heart of the era he would later rap about, Cube asserts that his lyrics and music were informed by the realities he witnessed firsthand. His street knowledge gives him a unique perspective and debunks the notion that he fabricated or embellished his storytelling.

While showing love and respect for N.W.A, Special Ed hasn’t found much support for his claims, particularly among West Coast OGs. Prominent figures in the rap community, such as Kurupt, Daz Dillinger, and KNXG Crooked, have spoken out against Special Ed’s accusations, echoing Ice Cube’s sentiments.