New Vikings Star Byron Murphy Plans To Rile Up Travis Kelce With Taylor Swift Trash Talk


Vikings cornerback Byron Murphy is strategizing to get into the head of Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce by employing some Taylor Swift trash talk. In an interview with ESPN, Murphy revealed his intention to use witty quips referencing the singer-songwriter during their upcoming game on Sunday.

Key Takeaway

Vikings cornerback Byron Murphy plans to use Taylor Swift references to rile up Travis Kelce during their upcoming game. While he admires Taylor Swift, his priority is to make things difficult for Kelce on the field.

Murphy, 25, expressed his admiration for Taylor Swift, stating that he hopes she will attend the game. He reminisced about watching her since childhood and described it as a cool experience if she were present. However, he quickly clarified that his focus would be on making things challenging for Kelce on the field.

It remains to be seen if Taylor Swift will be in attendance at U.S. Bank Stadium to support Kelce. However, her recent presence at his games suggests that it is a possibility. Last week, she traveled to Kansas City to watch him play, and then made her way to New Jersey to catch another game against the Jets.

Kelce has performed exceptionally well in front of his rumored love interest, contributing to the Chiefs’ 2-0 record with 13 successful catches in their previous two games. Yet, Murphy seems determined to play the role of an anti-hero and disrupt Kelce’s stellar performance.

As the Vikings prepare to face the Chiefs, Byron Murphy’s trash talk revolving around Taylor Swift adds an exciting twist to the upcoming clash between these two star players.