Taylor Swift Absent From Travis Kelce’s Game Against Vikings


Taylor Swift, the renowned pop star, was noticeably absent from the game between the Minnesota Vikings and Travis Kelce’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite the anticipation of her presence, Taylor was nowhere to be found in the stands at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift did not attend Travis Kelce’s game against the Vikings. Despite the absence, her name was mentioned by the announcers during the broadcast. Travis Kelce has expressed his desire for the media to focus more on his performance as an exceptional tight end rather than his association with Taylor Swift.

No Sight of Taylor Swift in the Stadium

As the game kicked off, cameras failed to capture any glimpse of Taylor Swift in a private box, as they had done in previous weeks. This absence confirmed that Taylor Swift chose not to attend the game, disappointing her devoted fan base, known as “Swfties.”

The Announcers Couldn’t Resist the Mention

Although Taylor Swift was missing from the game, the announcers couldn’t resist mentioning her name. As Travis Kelce graced the field with his presence, they jokingly referred to his confident walk as a “Swift walk.” Later, during warmups, Taylor Swift was brought up once again. Nevertheless, the announcers eventually shifted their focus back to Travis Kelce’s exceptional performance as the best tight end in football.

Travis Kelce’s Opinion on the Matter

Travis Kelce himself has expressed his weariness with the continued media attention surrounding his connection with Taylor Swift. He believes it is time for the NFL and the media to move on and give it a rest. Although some might share his sentiment, the NFL and the TV networks have been enjoying the increased hype surrounding the games featuring Taylor Swift. Sadly, CBS, the network covering the game, did not benefit from her presence this time.