Taylor Swift’s Attendance At NFL Games Sparks Concerns Among Players


Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay has joined the growing chorus of NFL players who are pleading with pop star Taylor Swift to stay away from their games. Swift recently attended Kansas City Chiefs games to support her rumored boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce, and now players like Slay are worried about the “Swift Effect” on their opponents.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift’s attendance at NFL games, particularly those featuring her rumored boyfriend Travis Kelce’s team, has sparked concerns among players about the “Swift Effect” and its impact on game outcomes. Players like Darius Slay are jokingly pleading with Swift to stay away from their matchups, fearing her presence brings luck and positive energy to the teams she supports. Swift’s attendance has also resulted in a significant boost in TV ratings, making her a hot topic among players, coaches, and even city mayors.

A Plea to Taylor Swift

Slay, a five-time Pro Bowler, expressed his concerns about Swift’s presence at Chiefs games during his Big Play Slay podcast this week. He jokingly begged the singer not to attend the Eagles’ upcoming matchup against the Chiefs, scheduled for November 20, because of her apparent ability to bring luck and positive energy to the team she supports.

“Taylor, do not come to the game, ’cause it seems like you bring the energy of winning,” Slay quipped on The Volume.

The Swift Effect on the Chiefs

Slay’s concerns are not unfounded. The Chiefs have enjoyed great success in the two games that Swift has attended. In her first game in the stands, the Chiefs dominated the Bears, and they went on to secure a road win against the Jets this past weekend. The team’s stellar performance coincided with a significant boost in TV ratings, with 29 million viewers tuning in to watch the Chiefs vs. Jets matchup.

Swift’s presence at NFL games has not only attracted attention but has also become a topic of discussion among players, coaches, and even city mayors.

The Pressure on Teams and Cities

As Swift’s reputation for attending games grows, the pressure on teams and cities to put on a show is mounting. In Minneapolis, Mayor Jacob Frey has openly embraced the idea of Swift attending the Vikings’ game against the Chiefs this weekend, expressing his hope for her presence.

However, players like Slay, as well as the Eagles organization, are wary of the potential impact of the so-called “Swift Effect” on their Super Bowl rematch against the Chiefs. While Swift’s support for her rumored boyfriend Kelce is commendable, it has also become a cause for concern among rival teams.