New Development In Mauricio Umansky And Kyle Richards’ Relationship


Contrary to recent rumors, Mauricio Umansky has come forward to deny any romantic involvement between his estranged wife, Kyle Richards, and Morgan Wade. In a recent interview, Umansky clarified that their relationship is purely platonic and centered around friendship and business.

Key Takeaway

Mauricio Umansky denies any romantic involvement between Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade, insisting their relationship is purely platonic. He also dispels rumors of planting the initial story of their separation for TV ratings. Mauricio remains committed to working on his marriage with Kyle.

Rumors and Rebuttals

The speculation surrounding Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade’s alleged affair has been circulating for months. The two have been seen together frequently, collaborating on various projects such as documentaries, reality TV segments, and music videos. However, Umansky asserts that their association ends there.

Mauricio’s statement carries weight, considering that he and Kyle are still in communication despite their separation. He revealed that she even reached out to him recently to address some comments he made about the timeline of their relationship.

During an appearance on The Agency’s ‘Red Mic’ podcast, Umansky raised eyebrows when he mentioned, “We were dealing with our own things, kind of, super quietly and internally, just our own issues, I mean, certainly, we’re not separated. We’re not divorced at this point. We are not any of that stuff.”

Addressing the Separation

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky have been living apart for several months now. Mauricio clarified that his response during the podcast interview was in reference to whether he and Kyle planted the initial story of their separation to generate higher TV ratings, which he adamantly denies.

Mauricio emphasizes that People, the outlet that first reported their separation, misunderstood the timing of their situation. He asserts that they were not separated when the story broke, although they did separate shortly afterward.

Seeking the Truth

Umansky expressed frustration with the anonymous source that leaked the information to People. He revealed that he has been urging the outlet to disclose the source’s identity. If the source happens to be a member of their inner circle, they will face severe consequences, including termination.

Dealing with the Drama

It has been a challenging year for both Mauricio and Kyle, which has undoubtedly contributed to the strain in their marriage. However, Mauricio finds solace in his participation in “Dancing with the Stars,” stating that it has served as a valuable outlet for stress relief.

Kyle has shown her support for Mauricio by attending his debut on the dance competition. Despite the hurdles they are currently facing, Umansky remains hopeful and reveals his determination to salvage their marriage.