Dancing With The Stars Considers A Trio: Mauricio Umansky, Kyle Richards, And Morgan Wade


“Dancing With The Stars” has always been known to capitalize on the biggest Hollywood rumors, and they almost had a threesome for the ages.

Key Takeaway

“Dancing With The Stars” considered the possibility of having Mauricio Umansky, Kyle Richards, and Morgan Wade as a dance trio for the upcoming season. However, both Kyle and Morgan declined the proposal, leading to a missed opportunity for a unique dynamic on the dance floor. Despite the separation between Kyle and Mauricio, they remain on good terms, and Mauricio shares a close bond with Morgan as well.

Rumors of a Potential Dance Trio

In the upcoming season, we already know that Mauricio Umansky will be putting on his dancing shoes. However, the latest news reveals that the show’s producers also reached out to his wife, Kyle Richards, and her close friend, Morgan Wade.

The idea of having a trio on the dance floor certainly sparked interest, but unfortunately for the show, both ladies gave it a rating of 1 out of 10. Nevertheless, one can only wonder what could have been if they had all agreed to participate. Perhaps they would have pushed the boundaries and tried something entirely new.

Reports suggest that all three individuals were approached at the same time, but Kyle and Morgan declined the offer. Currently, both women are in Paris filming Morgan’s documentary.

No Tension in Relationships

The interesting thing is that there would have been no tension among the trio if it had happened. We know that Mauricio and Kyle are still on good terms, and Mauricio and Morgan appear to have a close bond as well.

Despite living under the same roof, Kyle and Mauricio have separated, but they continue to maintain a friendly relationship. As for Kyle and Morgan, it seems that a Mirrorball Trophy is not in their future.