Mauricio Umansky Supports Kyle Richards’ Rumored Girlfriend Morgan Wade


Mauricio Umansky, the estranged husband of Kyle Richards, has expressed his admiration for country star Morgan Wade amid persistent rumors of her relationship with Richards. During a recent interview, Umansky revealed that he has no issues with Wade and even plans to invite her to one of his upcoming “Dancing With the Stars” tapings.

Key Takeaway

Mauricio Umansky is fully supportive of Kyle Richards’ rumored girlfriend, Morgan Wade. Despite the separation, Umansky harbors no ill will and even expresses his admiration for the country singer.

A Big Fan of Morgan Wade

While leaving his rehearsal for “Dancing With the Stars” in Los Angeles, Umansky spoke positively about Morgan Wade when asked about their relationship. He described himself as a big fan of the country singer and even proposed the idea of dancing to one of her songs on the show, which could potentially be a great concept endorsed by the producers.

This reaction from Umansky is particularly intriguing considering his recent separation from Kyle Richards after 27 years of marriage. Speculations of a romance between Richards and Wade have been circulating, but Umansky appears unfazed by the rumors.

Fun with the Buzz

In the midst of all the speculation, both Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade have lightheartedly embraced the attention. They recently collaborated on a music video and have been enjoying a trip together in the romantic city of Paris. Despite their separation, Richards and Umansky have managed to maintain a very amicable relationship, co-parenting their four children and even going on a family vacation to Positano.

Umansky’s Happiness

In the video clip, Umansky appears genuinely happy and carefree, seemingly unthreatened by the presence of Morgan Wade in Kyle Richards’ life. His positive and jovial demeanor suggests a level of comfort and support that contradicts any potential animosity or jealousy.

While the rumors continue to swirl, it is evident that Umansky’s focus remains on his own happiness and the amicable coexistence with his ex-wife. As for Morgan Wade, it seems she has found herself in the midst of a supportive and understanding environment, allowing her to pursue her career and potential romance without unnecessary drama or interference.