Kyle Richards Opens Up About Mauricio Umansky And Morgan Wade On ‘RHOBH’ Reunion


Kyle Richards, the ‘Real Housewives’ star, has made it clear that she is ready to address questions about her relationships with her estranged husband, Mauricio Umansky, and singer Morgan Wade during the upcoming ‘RHOBH’ reunion. As the cameras start rolling, Kyle is prepared to discuss the details.

Key Takeaway

Kyle Richards is prepared to openly discuss her separation from Mauricio Umansky and her current relationship with Morgan Wade during the ‘RHOBH’ reunion, indicating that the upcoming show will likely address these significant developments in her personal life.

Kyle’s Willingness to Address the Situation

During a recent encounter in Beverly Glen, Kyle expressed her willingness to answer questions about her separation from Mauricio and shed light on her current status with Morgan during the reunion show taping. She emphasized that she is open to discussing these topics if the host, Andy Cohen, and her ‘RHOBH’ castmates bring them up, which is highly likely given the nature of Bravo reunion shows.

Expectations for the Reunion

Bravo reunion shows are known for their direct and pointed nature, and Kyle is well aware of what to expect. She has not made any special requests to keep certain topics off-limits, indicating her readiness to address the questions that may arise.

Recent Developments in Kyle’s Life

Having been separated from Mauricio for some time, Kyle has been spending a significant amount of time with Morgan. While she has been open about the major changes in her life, she hinted that there is much more to be revealed, and it seems that the upcoming reunion will provide the platform for those discussions.