Mauricio Umansky Blames ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Mishap On ‘RHOBH’ Trailer


Mauricio Umansky, the husband of Kyle Richards and contestant on Dancing With The Stars, has revealed that his recent dance mishap on the show was a direct result of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) trailer. The trailer delved into the couple’s marriage, causing Mauricio to become unnerved just before he took to the dance floor.

Key Takeaway

Mauricio Umansky believes that the RHOBH trailer, which delved into his marriage, unnerved him and ultimately affected his performance on Dancing With The Stars. Despite the setback, Mauricio is determined to improve and make progress on the show.

Mauricio’s Dance Floor Confession

During Tuesday night’s episode, Mauricio opened up to his dance partner, Emma Slater, about the mistakes he made during his performance. He confessed that he had blacked out on the dance moves last week because the RHOBH trailer had unsettled him.

The RHOBH trailer brought up issues of infidelity in Mauricio and Kyle’s marriage, something that they vehemently deny. The pressure to perform was further heightened for Mauricio because his children were in the audience, which only added to his nerves.

A Struggle on the Dance Floor

Fans of Dancing With The Stars witnessed Mauricio’s Salsa routine last week, where he struggled to remember the steps and ended up receiving the lowest score of the night, a disappointing 12 out of 30. However, despite the rough performance, Mauricio and Kyle did not face elimination. The spotlight was instead on Jamie Lynn Spears, who was shown the door.

Mauricio showed improvement this week, scoring 23 out of 40 with his Foxtrot routine. It seems that he is determined to bounce back from his previous mishap and make progress on the show.