Mauricio Umansky & ‘DWTS’ Partner Emma Slater Spotted Holding Hands On Date


Mauricio Umansky, former star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” has been seen getting close with his “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Emma Slater. The two were spotted holding hands during a dinner date in Beverly Hills on Sunday night.

Key Takeaway

Mauricio Umansky and his “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Emma Slater, were seen holding hands during a dinner date, sparking rumors of a possible romance.

Rumors of a romance between Mauricio and Emma have been circulating, especially since Mauricio is currently separated from his estranged wife, Kyle Richards. The couple, who are still on friendly terms, have been seen together on family vacations and holiday gatherings.

Mauricio and Emma have been spending a lot of time together, both on and off the dance floor. They recently dressed up together for Halloween, showcasing their close bond.

According to sources, the hand-holding incident was a result of a deep conversation the duo had during their dinner. They discussed their upcoming dance routine, which will be centered around the theme of the “most important year of your life.” Mauricio opened up about why 1996 was such a pivotal year for him, leading to a stronger connection between the two.

While it remains uncertain whether their relationship is evolving into a romance, the pictures of them holding hands certainly suggest a close bond. Mauricio’s separation from Kyle has been the subject of speculation, particularly due to Kyle’s friendship with Morgan Wade. However, Mauricio and Kyle have maintained a friendly relationship, continuing to spend time together as a family.

For now, it seems that Mauricio may be ready to move on from his marriage, but only time will tell if his connection with Emma goes beyond the dance floor.