Kadarius Toney Takes A Dig At Giants After Devastating Loss


New York Giants wide receiver Kadarius Toney couldn’t resist taking a shot at his former team after their embarrassing defeat against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Toney, who had recently deactivated his social media account following a disappointing performance in the Kansas City Chiefs’ Week 1 loss, quickly made a return to the platform to make his thoughts known.

Key Takeaway

Kadarius Toney took to social media to mock the New York Giants after their devastating loss to the Dallas Cowboys. While his comments were met with criticism from Giants fans, Toney will have an opportunity to prove himself on the field in the upcoming games.

In an Instagram story captioned “Na don’t get quiet now…”, Toney shared a picture of the scoreboard displaying the Giants’ crushing 40-0 loss. It was clear that he was aware of the result and wanted to let everyone know it.

However, Toney made it clear that he wasn’t planning to stay active on social media for long. He explained that he needed to address the game briefly before disappearing from the platform once again.

While Toney’s dig may have been intended as a playful jab, Giants fans weren’t amused. Many voiced their frustration with the irony of the situation, pointing out that Toney’s own poor performance contributed to the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss in their season opener against the Detroit Lions. Some called him a “certified clown” and questioned why he didn’t focus on improving his game rather than engaging in social media antics.

Despite the backlash, Toney, who underwent knee surgery in July, will have an opportunity to redeem himself when the Giants face the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. Unfortunately, the Giants and the Chiefs do not play each other this season, denying Toney the chance to provide his former team with some bulletin board material.