Dean Blandino Weighs In On Impact Of ‘Tush Push’ On Kadarius Toney Offsides Call


Former NFL Vice President of Officiating, Dean Blandino, has weighed in on the controversial offensive offsides penalty against Kadarius Toney during the Chiefs vs. Bills game. According to Blandino, the nature of the Philadelphia Eagles’ “Tush Push” play may have influenced the officials’ decision to call line of scrimmage fouls more closely this season.

Key Takeaway

Dean Blandino believes that the increased scrutiny on line of scrimmage fouls this season may have been influenced by specific plays, such as the Eagles’ “Tush Push,” leading to more calls like the one against Kadarius Toney. While the call was met with disagreement, Blandino maintains that the officials made the right decision based on the rules.

Increased Emphasis on Line of Scrimmage Fouls

Blandino pointed out that there has been a significant rise in offensive offsides calls this year, with 13 already, compared to just 14 from 2015 to 2022. He attributed this increase to the impact of the Eagles’ “Brotherly Shove” play, indicating a heightened emphasis on such penalties by the officials.

Right Call Despite Disagreement

Despite the controversy surrounding the call against Toney, Blandino emphasized that the officials made the correct decision. He stated, “This was clearly a foul. The officials have to call it,” reaffirming the adherence to officiating rules.

Player and Fan Reactions

Notably, Patrick Mahomes expressed strong opposition to the penalty, vehemently disagreeing with the call and expressing frustration after the game. Blandino acknowledged the sentiment, understanding the desire to let the players decide the game. However, he cautioned against altering officiating based on game situations, highlighting potential unfair implications.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Blandino emphasized the necessity of enforcing the rules, even if it may not sit well with some fans. He underscored the importance of consistent officiating to maintain fairness and integrity in the game.