Stone Temple Pilots’ Dean DeLeo Arrested For DUI And Domestic Violence: Shocking Turn Of Events


Guitarist Dean DeLeo, known for his work with the iconic rock band Stone Temple Pilots, has found himself in legal trouble once again. This time, it involves allegations of domestic violence and driving under the influence.

Key Takeaway

Dean DeLeo, guitarist for Stone Temple Pilots, has been arrested for DUI and felony domestic violence following a physical altercation with his wife. This incident further adds to the rocky nature of their relationship, which has previously seen allegations of abuse. As the legal proceedings progress, it remains to be seen what impact this will have on Stone Temple Pilots and their future.

Accusations of Domestic Violence

The incident began when Dean allegedly left his home while intoxicated last month. Concerned for his safety and the safety of others, his wife Jenn wasted no time in alerting the authorities of his drunk driving. Police soon apprehended Dean and placed him under arrest for DUI.

However, as Dean was in custody, Jenn called the police once again. This time, she claimed that they had been involved in a heated argument that turned physical before he left the house. Jenn provided her account of the incident, leading the authorities to file a domestic violence report.

Determined to ensure her safety, an emergency protection order was issued, instructing Dean to stay away from Jenn. Nevertheless, it appears that Dean violated this order by attempting to contact Jenn just a week and a half later. Subsequently, he turned himself in for the violation.

A Troubled Relationship

This is not the first time that Dean and Jenn’s relationship has been marred by such issues. In 2018, Jenn filed for divorce, alleging that Dean was an abusive drunk who put both herself and their daughter in danger. Despite reconciling at that time, it is evident that their relationship remains tumultuous and fraught with difficulties.

Dean has expressed his intention to address these allegations at the appropriate time and place, emphasizing the importance of having his side of the story heard. As this situation unfolds, Stone Temple Pilots fans and music enthusiasts alike will be watching closely to see how it affects the future of the band.