New Development: Kevin Porter Jr. No Longer With Houston Rockets After Arrest, GM Says


KPJ’s future with the Houston Rockets is uncertain following his recent domestic violence arrest, according to Rockets GM Rafael Stone. Stone addressed the media on Monday during Houston’s media day and expressed deep concern over the allegations made against the 23-year-old basketball player.

Key Takeaway

Kevin Porter Jr. is no longer a part of the Houston Rockets following his domestic violence arrest. The team’s general manager, Rafael Stone, expressed deep concern over the allegations and informed Porter Jr.’s representatives that he could not continue with the team. The future of KPJ’s basketball career remains uncertain as the legal proceedings unfold later this month. The Rockets will have to adapt and move forward without one of their key players for the upcoming season.

Allegations and Actions Taken

Stone revealed that as soon as he became aware of the allegations, he informed Porter Jr.’s representatives that he could no longer be a part of the Houston Rockets. Since then, KPJ has had no contact or involvement with the team and will not be participating in the team’s media day or training camp.

The allegations stem from an incident at an NYC hotel on September 11, where Porter Jr. is accused of assaulting his girlfriend, resulting in her sustaining injuries, including a laceration above her eye. While initial reports suggested that KPJ had caused a cracked neck vertebra, further investigation from sources later refuted his responsibility for that particular injury.

Uncertain Future

Stone refrained from commenting on whether Porter Jr. would ever play for the Rockets again. He cited the league’s collective bargaining agreement and domestic violence policy as factors that need to be considered. The situation will likely unfold further once KPJ’s court date takes place later this month.

The Impact on the Rockets

Kevin Porter Jr., who signed a four-year, $85 million deal with Houston last season, was a key player for the Rockets, averaging 19 points, 5 rebounds, and nearly 6 assists. With his absence, the team will have to regroup and prepare for the upcoming 2023-24 season without one of their star players.