Kysre Gondrezick Denies Abuse Allegations Against Kevin Porter Jr


After the recent arrest of Houston Rockets star Kevin Porter Jr. for assault in New York City, his ex-girlfriend Kysre Gondrezick has come forward to deny the allegations of abuse. Despite initially telling the police that Porter had struck her multiple times and choked her during a physical altercation at a hotel, Gondrezick now claims that Porter never laid a hand on her.

Key Takeaway

Kevin Porter Jr.’s ex-girlfriend, Kysre Gondrezick, has denied the allegations of abuse against him, claiming that he never hit her. The charges against Porter have faced a setback due to insufficient evidence, and Gondrezick’s statements contradict the accusations made by her sister.

The charges against Porter have already faced a setback, as prosecutors in Manhattan dropped one of the charges due to insufficient evidence. Gondrezick maintains that Porter did not hit her, stating, “He didn’t hit me. He never balled his fists up and hit me. He definitely didn’t punch me in the face numerous times. That is a lie. I don’t have any injuries to support that.”

Furthermore, Gondrezick has stated that she and Porter are no longer dating. These statements from Gondrezick contradict the claims made by her sister, Kalabrya Haskins, who threatened Porter and accused him of past abusive behavior in an Instagram post.

Despite being traded to the Thunder and facing second-degree strangulation and third-degree assault charges, Porter continues to maintain his innocence. The case is ongoing, with Porter scheduled to appear in court again in late November.