Andy Reid Criticizes Kadarius Toney’s Offside Penalty And Lack Of Communication With Referees


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid expressed his frustration with wide receiver Kadarius Toney’s recent offside penalty during Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills. In a post-game press conference, Reid revealed that Toney failed to check with the officials before the snap, resulting in the penalty.

Key Takeaway

Andy Reid criticized Kadarius Toney for being offsides during the game and expressed his frustration with the lack of communication between Toney and the officials. He emphasized the importance of a working relationship between coaches and referees.

Reid’s disappointment with the officiating crew stems from his belief that they should have given Toney a warning prior to the play. He called it “embarrassing” that the game ended with such a controversial call. However, Reid made it clear that he was not using this incident as an excuse for the team’s loss, but rather highlighting the importance of communication between coaches, players, and officials.

During a media session the following day, Reid elaborated on his concerns about the lack of communication. He emphasized that after decades in the NFL, he has come to expect a certain level of interaction with the officiating crew. Reid stated that both sides need to ensure the head coach is given a heads-up in similar situations, highlighting the importance of building a working relationship between coaches and referees.

Upon reviewing the game tape, Reid admitted that Toney was indeed past the line of scrimmage. However, he pledged to address this issue with the receiver, stressing the need for Toney to check with officials moving forward.

As for quarterback Patrick Mahomes, he has yet to address the penalties and the team’s loss publicly. The focus remains on improving communication among the team members and establishing a stronger working relationship with the officials to prevent similar incidents in the future.