Chiefs’ Kadarius Toney Deactivates X Account After Disappointing Game


Kadarius Toney, the wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, is taking a step back from social media after a disappointing performance in Thursday Night Football. Toney has deactivated his X account, presumably to block out the negative noise and focus on improving his game.

Key Takeaway

Kadarius Toney, the Kansas City Chiefs receiver, has deactivated his X account following a disappointing performance in Thursday Night Football. Despite the pressure and criticism, Toney’s team, led by Patrick Mahomes, continues to support him and believes in his potential to bounce back.

A Rough Night on the Field

Toney’s performance in the Chiefs’ opening game of the 2023 season against the Detroit Lions was far from ideal. He struggled to connect with passes, missing three targets and even deflecting a pass that ended up being intercepted for a pick-six. This pivotal play ultimately turned the tide of the game in favor of the Lions.

By the end of the game, Toney only managed to secure one catch for a mere one yard, and his one rushing attempt resulted in a loss. It was undoubtedly a frustrating night for both Toney and Chiefs fans.

Deactivating the X Account

As expected, fans took to social media during the game to express their disappointment with Toney’s performance. His X account became a target for critical posts, amplifying the pressure and scrutiny he was under.

However, Toney has chosen to tune out the negativity. His “0fficialC2N” profile now states that the account doesn’t exist, indicating that he has deactivated it for the time being. This move suggests that Toney is prioritizing his mental well-being and blocking out distractions to focus on improvement.

Support from His Team

While some may be quick to judge and criticize, Toney’s team, including star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, continues to show support. Despite the drops and errors, Mahomes expressed his faith in Toney’s abilities.

Mahomes said, “Obviously he would’ve wanted to catch a few of those in the game, but I’ve trusted he’s going to be that guy that I go to in those crucial moments, and he’s going to make the catch and win us some games like he did last year. So we’re going to continue to work him in, get him more and more reps, and I’m sure that those drops will kind of disappear.”