John Cusack Expresses Displeasure With Democrats, Accusing Elite Party Members Of Hypocrisy


In a surprising turn of events, actor John Cusack, known for his outspoken liberal views, has publicly criticized the Democratic Party, accusing top party members of being “full of s***.” Cusack took to social media to air his grievances, suggesting that their lack of moral integrity has contributed to the rise of Donald Trump as a viable presidential candidate.

Key Takeaway

Actor John Cusack, a known liberal, has publicly criticized the Democratic Party, accusing top party members of lacking moral integrity. His frustration stems from the party’s consideration of eliminating federal wealth taxes. Cusack’s criticism serves as a reminder that even staunch political supporters can become disillusioned and question their party’s principles.

Cusack’s frustration stems from recent discussions within the Democratic Party regarding the potential elimination of federal wealth taxes. He deems such a move as “staggering amoral bulls***” and believes it plays into Trump’s ability to appeal to certain segments of the population. In a scathing remark, he sarcastically mocks the Democrats by stating, “Don’t worry fellas – the Democrats will save the 0.000000001% from paying taxes.” Cusack finds it unfathomable that the party would even consider such a proposal.

Questioning the Democratic Party’s Principles

This critical stance from Cusack is unexpected, as he has often aligned himself with the Democratic Party and has been an active voice when it comes to political issues, activism, and wealth distribution. However, his recent comments suggest a growing dissatisfaction within the actor towards the party’s direction.

Cusack’s frustration extends beyond his disappointment with current Democratic policies. He also takes a swipe at former President Barack Obama’s iconic “Hope and Change” campaign slogan, labeling it as “another branded hustle.” This remark highlights his overall discontent with the party’s leadership and their ability to bring about genuine change.

It remains to be seen whether Cusack’s criticism is part of a broader trend or a fleeting frustration. However, his comments serve as a reminder that even individuals with deep-rooted political convictions can become disillusioned and question the principles of their own party.