NFL Player’s Wife Expresses Anger Over ‘Jersey Shore’s’ Angelina Pivarnick Sliding Into Her Husband’s DMs


The wife of a New York Jets player is in a heated feud with “Jersey Shore” castmate Angelina Pivarnick after she allegedly slid into her husband’s direct messages. Alexis Bawden, the wife of Nick Bawden, a fullback for the Jets, expressed her anger over the incident on social media.

Key Takeaway

The wife of a New York Jets player, Alexis Bawden, calls out Angelina Pivarnick, a “Jersey Shore” castmate, for allegedly sliding into her husband’s Instagram DMs. Alexis expresses her anger over Pivarnick’s message and finds it inappropriate for someone to pursue a married man, especially after witnessing the wife’s presence and support at a football game.

The DM Incident

On a Sunday afternoon, right after Nick had played against the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, Alexis claims Angelina Pivarnick slid into her husband’s Instagram DMs. Despite seeing Alexis on the sidelines, wearing gear supporting her husband, Pivarnick allegedly sent a message saying, “See u soon.”

Alexis is livid about the situation, believing that Pivarnick’s message was an attempt to pursue her husband. In a TikTok video, she expressed her displeasure, calling Pivarnick a “weirdo” and questioning her actions. Alexis finds it inappropriate and disrespectful for someone to reach out to a married woman’s man, especially after seeing the wife cheering him on.

Pivarnick’s Response

After the TikTok video went viral, Pivarnick responded by posting a since-deleted statement on her Instagram Stories. She denied making any advances or moves on the football player and accused Alexis of seeking attention and spreading false information. Pivarnick claimed that she only had friendly conversations with players she knew and dismissed the accusations as baseless.

However, Alexis was not convinced and continued to express her frustration through more TikTok videos. She referred to Pivarnick as a “weirdo” multiple times and declared her intent to drop the matter.