Celebrities Donate Big In CA Senate Race: Hollywood’s Generous Support For Democratic Candidates


Hollywood’s elite have once again opened their wallets to generously support the campaigns of several Democrats competing for a highly sought-after U.S. Senate seat in California. The Federal Election Commission filings reveal the substantial financial contributions made by celebrities to the campaigns of Adam Schiff, Barbara Lee, and Katie Porter, who are vying for the opportunity to fill the late Senator Dianne Feinstein’s seat.

Key Takeaway

Celebrities from the entertainment industry have made significant financial contributions and shown public support for Democratic candidates competing for the U.S. Senate seat in California, reflecting the continued involvement of entertainers in political campaigns.

Celebrity Contributions to the Campaigns

  • Adam Schiff:
    • Robin Dearden ($6600)
    • Herb Alpert (at least $3,300)
    • Barbra Streisand ($1500)
    • Holland Taylor ($1,000)
    • George Takei ($750)
    • Lily Tomlin ($350)
    • Jackson Browne ($400)
    • Joan Jett ($275)
    • Diane Lane ($235)
  • Barbara Lee:
    • Ben Affleck (at least $6,600)
    • Violet Affleck ($3,050)
    • Jackson Browne (at least $3,300)
    • Graham Nash ($2,500)
    • Kal Penn ($500)
  • Katie Porter:
    • Graham Nash ($3,300)
    • Bonnie Raitt ($2,000)
    • Susan Sarandon ($500)
    • George Takei ($500)

It’s worth noting that some celebrities made contributions to multiple candidates, demonstrating their support for more than one individual. Additionally, some celebrities have gone beyond financial contributions, with John Legend publicly endorsing Barbara Lee and Joseph Gordon-Levitt narrating an ad for Adam Schiff.

As the election season progresses, it is evident that celebrities will continue to wield their influence, both financially and through public endorsements, in support of their preferred candidates.