Erica Mena Disputes VH1’s Decision To Air Controversial ‘L&HH’ Episode That Led To Her Firing


Reality TV star Erica Mena has called out VH1 for their decision to air a special roundtable discussion featuring cast members from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, including Lil Scrappy, Yung Joc, and Spice, after her controversial episode led to her termination from the show. Mena argues that it is hypocritical for VH1 to profit from her firing by using the incident for upcoming content.

Key Takeaway

Reality TV star Erica Mena calls out VH1 for airing a special roundtable discussion following her controversial episode on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” that led to her termination. Mena accuses VH1 of hypocrisy, arguing that they only fired her in response to public backlash and are now profiting from the controversy.

Background: The Controversial Episode

The controversy stems from an episode in which Mena directed a racial slur towards Spice, referring to her as a “monkey”. This incident sparked public outrage and ultimately resulted in Mena’s dismissal from the show. However, Mena claims that VH1 had no issue with her remaining on the show until the episode in question was aired.

Mena’s Discontent with VH1

Following the announcement of the special roundtable discussion, Mena took to social media, posting a video expressing her disappointment with VH1. She revealed that she had continued working on the show for several days after the altercation with Spice, only for VH1 to showcase the incident to the public, seemingly for the sake of controversy and ratings.

According to sources close to Mena, she believes that VH1’s decision to exclude her from the roundtable discussion is an attempt to silence her after the fact. She argues that the network is stifling her voice and preventing her from sharing her side of the story, in an effort to avoid further public backlash.

Additionally, Mena points out that she remained an active participant on the show for seven months following the incident, which further adds to her frustration with VH1’s handling of the situation. She feels that their decision to disregard her perspective is a disservice to her and the viewers who have invested in the show.

VH1’s parent company, Viacom, was contacted for a response but has not yet provided any comment regarding the matter.