Drake’s “Take Care” Album Nearing Diamond Certification, Says Producer Chase N. Cashe


Drake’s 2011 album “Take Care” is on the brink of achieving Diamond status with close to 10 million sales, according to veteran songwriter and producer Chase N. Cashe. The album, which has already reached 8x platinum status as per RIAA, is anticipated to receive the prestigious Diamond plaque certification in the near future.

Key Takeaway

Drake’s album “Take Care” is poised to achieve Diamond certification, with producer Chase N. Cashe lauding its enduring quality and impact, emphasizing the emotional depth and timelessness of the music.

Chase N. Cashe’s Perspective

Chase N. Cashe, who co-produced the track “Look What You Done For Me” on the album, expressed his belief that “Take Care” is Drake’s finest work, emphasizing its timeless quality and impact. He highlighted the emotional depth of the album, particularly referencing the track he worked on, which delves into Drake’s personal relationships and has garnered significant streams despite not being a promoted single.

Drake’s Enduring Influence

Chase N. Cashe commended Drake for consistently creating music that transcends time and resonates with audiences on a profound level. He cited the track he co-produced as a testament to Drake’s ability to craft enduring and meaningful music with each release.

Future Ventures and Insights

Besides his work in music, Chase N. Cashe also shared insights on his collaboration with Beyoncé for the 2013 “Epic” soundtrack and his current focus on consulting in the sports marketing domain. Additionally, he expressed optimism about Beyoncé’s potential success in the country music genre, provided she delivers impactful records akin to her influence in R&B.