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Katy Perry Delivers Baby Girl and Drops New Album in the Same Week

Katy Perry new album, Smile.

Katy Perry new album in the same week she gave birth to her first child? She definitely deserves a trophy. While most of us can’t even find the motivation to get out of bed on Mondays, this powerful woman has been juggling both roles with apparent ease.

Before we get to discussing the new album and the most recent milestone in her life, let’s take a look back at the many career and relationship highlights she shared with actor Orlando Bloom.


How Did Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Meet?

The pair were first spotted at the 2016 Golden Globes. Contrary to what some might think, it wasn’t an awkward first meeting between the two at all. Trust the Pirates of the Caribbean actor to pull a smooth one on Perry.

According to the singer, Bloom stole an In-N-Out Burger off her table during the ceremonies. Never one to hold her tongue, Perry’s reaction to the whole thing was nothing short of adorable: “Wait! Who — oh, you’re so hot. Fine, take it!” We’d probably react the exact same way, too.

During the after party, the pair were spotted getting quite friendly. Anonymous attendees reported spotting the two dancing together, which ended in a dance-off. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Perry confessed that she and Bloom really hit it off at the time.

This “thing” between them would continue to Bloom, pun intended, in the months that followed. For a time, however, they tried to keep things under wraps. While Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted at the same events, neither party admitted nor denied anything.


We Cannes’t – Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Become Instagram Official

The two spent a few months playing hide and seek with photographers, but later confirmed their relationship in true Katy-fashion: an adorable Instagram post! No wordy confirmation or grand PR stunts—just two kids-at-heart showing off their love. Can’t get more romantic than that, right?

After France, they would once again be spotted vacationing in Italy. The now infamous photos of them paddleboarding must be a precious memory for the pair. It would have been nothing more than an innocent holiday activity if it weren’t for the fact that Bloom was completely nude. Cue Katy Perry Teenage Dream, because despite this minor controversy, the two were obviously in bliss!


“Taking Respectful, Loving Space”

It was in February 2017, nearly a year after they first met, that representatives from both parties confirmed that the two were on a break. It was also during this period that Katy Perry new album Witness was set to be released.

According to Perry, “I had broken up with my boyfriend, who is now my baby-daddy-to-be, and then I was excited about flying high off the next record,” Perry said. “But the validation did not make me high, and so I just crashed.” The breakup reportedly left the singer close to suicide. As terrifying as this thought is, it’s fortunate that she managed to weather through everything.

For a while, it seemed as if Perry and Bloom were broken up for good. In August of 2017, however, the two were spotted together at an Ed Sheeran concert. Many speculated that they were slowly mending things, but Perry clarified that this wasn’t the case. In an interview with Elle UK for their November 2017 issue, Bloom confirmed that the two of them were just friends.

A Roman Holiday – The Pair Officially Get Back Together

In between non-stop rumors of them reuniting and their very public (and flirtatious!) social media exchanges, Perry would confirm in April 2018 that they were indeed back together. “I have been spoken for and speak for myself, and I’m very happy!” she said. Just days after this confirmation, the two went to visit Rome where Perry was among the speakers at a United to Cure vent. From referring to Perry as “my darling” to meeting Pope Francis together, it was clear that the romance between the two was far from withering. If anything, it seemed as if the time apart only strengthened their bond.

By September 2018, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were becoming more public about their relationship. They walked red carpets together and were no longer hiding the fact that they were a couple.


Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry Engaged

Once again, the couple took to social media to announce another milestone in their relationship. With a simple caption that says, “Full Bloom,” the singer showed off her gorgeous daisy-shaped engagement ring. If that pink diamond says anything, it’s that these two are playing for keeps.

Katy Perry Engagement Ring

For those curious, the singer’s engagement ring features an oval-shaped ruby surrounded by eight white diamonds. Many other celebrities own a similar engagement ring design. This includes personalities such as Lady Gaga, Princess Diana, and Princess Eugenie.

What’s the price tag on this 4-carat creation? Anywhere from $30,000 to a dizzying $250,000!

The Proposal

During an interview she gave Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, Perry said that the proposal happened on Valentine’s Day. The couple met at an Italian restaurant for dinner and Perry immediately had an inkling that something was about to happen. What clued her in? Bloom’s clean-shaven face and the fact that he was not wearing tennis shoes!

Turns out, dinner was just a prelude to the rest of the evening. After she had her fill of pasta, Bloom took her on a helicopter ride and that’s where he popped the question. After the quick trip, they landed on a building where all of her family was waiting.

No Rush to Tie the Knot

Is Katy Perry married? No, and she’s not in a hurry to do it either.

It’s no secret that both Bloom’s and Perry’s previous relationships ended in painful divorces. This is why people are not too surprised that they are taking their time with everything. According to Bloom, “It’s important to me that we are aligned — I’ve been married and divorced and I don’t want to do it again, and we’re both fully aware of that. She’s remarkable and so I’m always so impressed with that and I’m encouraged.”

The longer Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been together, the more open they become when it comes to speaking about their relationship. In her cover story for Vogue India’s January 2020 issue, Perry refers to her fiancé as “an anchor who holds me down.” Since they live such public lives and are constantly in the spotlight, fans were truly happy for the couple. It is this love that inspired Katy Perry new album.

She continues to say, “It’s exhausting, but we really hold each other accountable. I’ve never had a partner who was willing to go on an emotional and spiritual journey like Orlando. It’s challenging, because you’re facing all the things you don’t like about yourself. It’s like a never-ending cleanse.”

Just like one of her songs, the love between these two comes unconditionally.


Katy Perry and Motherhood

On March 5, 2020, Perry surprised her fans once more by dropping the music video for her song “Never Worn White,” which was accompanied by the announcement of her pregnancy. Social media was abuzz with excitement, with many congratulating the singer on both the song and her first-born.

For those curious about the song’s title, it’s a nod to her previous marriage. She has never worn white, because when Perry married Russel Brand, the bride wore grey.

 A Very Busy Summer and the Wait for their Baby Girl

When she said it was going to be a very busy summer, Perry was not kidding. Fans were unaware that she had been working on a new record, while she was waiting for baby Bloom’s arrival.

The couple had a gender reveal party in April, but Bloom did not share a video of it until May. Among the photos that were posted Bloom’s face covered in pink icing stood out the most. Why? Because Perry confirmed everyone’s suspicion in her caption: “It’s a girl.”

A Spiritual Connection

When it comes to love languages, these two share a unique one: spiritual evolution. In an interview with Times of London, the singer talks about the bond she has formed with Bloom over spirituality. She goes on to describe her fiancé as a very sensitive and emotionally evolved person. Together, they are keen explorers of mysticism and various conspiracy theories—including aliens. Perry calls it an “adventure of the mind.”


Welcome to the World, Daisy Dove Bloom!

The announcement of Daisy Dove’s birth was made on August 26, 2020 through UNICEF. Both Bloom and Perry currently serve as Goodwill Ambassadors for the organization, and so they seized the opportunity to promote a cause they advocate. It’s just one of those things that we’ve all come to love about the couple—their generosity is inspiring.

The couple tells UNICEF, “In celebration of the heart we know our daughter already has, we have set up a donation page to celebrate DDB’s arrival. By supporting them, you are supporting a safe start to life and reimagining a healthier world for every child.”

She may only be a few days old, but Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s daughter is already helping make the world a better place. If you are inclined to do the same and celebrate with the family, you’ll find the donation link on UNICEF’s website.


Katy Perry New Album – Smile

All’s well that end’s well—isn’t that how the saying goes? While it may have been a rough few years for Perry, the singer has found her “Smile” once more. The Katy Perry new album gives us a peek into where she currently is in life, with some likening it to a journal. As for the songs in it, they all maintain that degree of quirkiness that Perry is well-known for. The album contains a good balance of her signature dance-floor anthems and somber ballads.

Smile is just as colorful as its creator, though little Daisy Dove might have to wait a few years before she gets to enjoy these bops. In terms of style, Smile delivers something similar to Katy Perry Firework and is certainly not lacking when it comes to inspiration lines.

Our favorite Smile lyrics go:

But every tear has been a lesson

Rejection can be God’s protection

Long hard road to get that redemption

But no shortcuts to a blessin’

If you’re looking to feel uplifted, this Katy Perry new album is for you. While it may not be her usual style, as heard on Katy Perry I Kissed a Girl, it is a refreshing and more mature take on the brand that is still completely hers. We suppose this is what motherhood has blessed Katy Perry with: a whole new perspective on life.