Katy Perry Surprises Fans By Singing ‘Bad Blood’ At Taylor Swift’s Sydney Show


Katy Perry made a surprise appearance at Taylor Swift’s Sydney concert, putting an end to their long-standing feud. The pop star joined a group of celebrities in the VIP tent, including Rita Ora and Travis Kelce, Taylor’s boyfriend. Katy’s presence at the event is significant as it marks the resolution of the feud between her and Taylor Swift.

Key Takeaway

Katy Perry’s surprise appearance at Taylor Swift’s concert and her performance of ‘Bad Blood’ symbolize the end of their long-standing feud and the restoration of their friendship.

Katy Perry’s Performance

During the concert, Katy Perry was seen singing along to “Bad Blood,” a song that was rumored to be about her. This act of solidarity and support from Katy signifies the end of their feud and the restoration of their friendship. The irony of Katy singing along to a song that was once believed to be directed at her is a clear indication that the hatchet has been buried.

The Feud

The feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift dates back to 2014 when Taylor released “Bad Blood,” alluding to a personal conflict, which many assumed was with Katy. The public rift was fueled by accusations of betrayal and sabotage, with both artists releasing songs referencing the feud. However, the tension between them gradually dissipated, and they eventually reconciled, as evidenced by Katy’s cameo in Taylor’s music video for ‘You Need to Calm Down.’