Kanye West Stands By Antisemitism And Claims He Can’t Be Canceled


Kanye West, fresh from the success of ‘Vultures’ hitting #1 on the charts, made a bold statement at LAX. He expressed his belief that he cannot be canceled and stood by his antisemitic remarks in a recent interview.

Key Takeaway

Kanye West’s controversial statements and Katy Perry’s announcement about “American Idol” mark significant developments in the entertainment world. Beyoncé’s unexpected foray into country music has also garnered attention.

Katy Perry’s Final Season on American Idol

During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel: Live!”, Katy Perry announced that the upcoming season of “American Idol” would be her last. She also hinted at the possibility of new music.

Tom Cruise’s New Relationship

Rumors are swirling about Tom Cruise’s love life, with reports indicating that he has a new girlfriend and that the two are “growing closer,” according to insiders.

Beyoncé’s Country Genre Singles

Beyoncé surprised fans by releasing two new country genre singles from her upcoming album “Renaissance: Act II.” This move comes despite facing backlash at the 2016 CMAs.