Drake Calls Out Kanye West For Faking Truces On ‘Scary Hours Deluxe’


Drake has wasted no time in expressing his frustrations towards his former friend turned rival, Kanye West, on his latest project. In his newly released song “Red Button,” Drake takes aim at Kanye for repeatedly going back on their truces throughout the years, with the most recent being the controversial 2021 Larry Hoover Benefit concert that did little to mend their beef.

Key Takeaway

Drake’s new song “Red Button” expresses his frustration with Kanye West’s inauthentic attempts to reconcile their differences. He also gives credit to Taylor Swift for her success and influences in the music industry.

With charged-up aggression, Drake raps, “Every time you need me for a boost, I never hesitated. Every time that Yeezy called a truce, he had my head inflated. Thinkin’ we gon’ finally peace it up and get to levitatin’. Realize that everything premeditated!!!” These lyrics clearly reflect Drake’s disappointment and disillusionment with Kanye’s lack of consistency in their supposed reconciliations.

The Larry Hoover Benefit concert, organized by J. Prince, was intended to not only contribute to criminal justice reform but also serve as an opportunity for Drake and Kanye to mend their differences. However, it is evident that the event did not deliver the desired outcome.

Aside from addressing his issues with Kanye, Drake also acknowledges his admiration for Taylor Swift, stating that she is the only artist who can influence him to postpone a release date. He praises Swift’s success on the charts, rapping, “Taylor Swift the only n that I ever rated. Only one could make me drop the album just a little later. Rest of y’all I treat you like you never made it. Leave your label devastated. Even when your pad the stats, period, I never hated.”

“Red Button” is the opening track of the deluxe edition of Drake’s album “For All The Dogs,” which was released on Friday. It is clear that this is just the beginning of the heated exchange between Drake and Kanye, as there is more intense and thought-provoking content awaiting fans on the deluxe edition of the album.